Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hell yeah I support Nuclear Energy

I said it, it's clean efficient and a lot safer than you think. I also dig genetically modified crops. Have you guys tried super oranges (extra fiber and vitamin c)? Higher yield? C'mon? Wednesdays are my "power days." Senior seminar and ag class make me want to join the environmental ss. Either that or completely give up, because traditionalist, fundamentalist, right wingers are our oppinion leaders and legislators.

oh. I'm in a better mood today than I have been, well since this weekend. I heard lightning today and it got me all giddy about warm weather rain and spring. I hate getting into my tyrannical moods, but it feels oh so good when they break! I also finished a poem I'm really excited about. I feel a little more comfortable with the poetic machine. I thought about posting it on the new 347 blog, but I really think that the whole tone of that blog/class is kind of weird.

Reminder: March 3 or 6 is Sammy's birthday. March 20 is big sister's birthday (the big 30).

I'm terrible at remembering anything worth noting. Eech. So next week I will be almost completely indisposed with bull-shit projects that professors decided to dump on me right before spring break. Oh well. Spring break hurrah!

GRE word of the day:
solipsism: noun
a theory holding that the self can know nothing but its own modifications and that the self is the only existent thing; also : extreme egocentrism

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