Monday, February 12, 2007

i felt i was on fire, with the things i could have told you

I do believe I bombed my mathematics test this morning. I'm no good without words. Later on I sliced open my finger at work. One thin movement and a gush of crimson was revealed. The color was bright and fluent. I wanted to paint someone's walls with my bright bodily fluids. Perhaps to remind them of what life looks like. I bled and bled until my face turned white and my pores began leaking. "My you look like a ghost." (See, I told you I'm disappearing.)
Barely made it to the bathroom, sit down, breath breath heavy breathing. Mop the sweat from the brow. Still bleeding. Ahh yes now the ground don't look so absorbed and tingly.

moral: don't skip breakfast. don't cut fingers.

Inspired to read additional William Carlos William because of this:
(the red wheel-barrow pales in comparison to those white buns and his other works)

And Kamau Brathwaite taught me how to use language in defiance. I ain't no girl, Ima woman.

OH oh oh feeling springy today a bit (due to the blood letting?)

Excited to do a lot of things for a lot of reasons, but I'm also tired of mathematics and mass media. Makes me feel lethargic and un-inspired. GO AWAY.

Dear Barack Obama,
Save us from the young republicans. We can work on global warming together. But lord knows I'm not a brave enough woman to take those bastards on. And if we could just ease up on the drug war, I'd really dig that. Oh and I'm excited to hear about this "universal health care business," seeing as how I am a sickly character and I will be off the parents insurance in a matter of months. Well, I'm pulling for you, and I'm sure i'll see you around a lot more.

love and support,
The Last Unicorn

Someone told me that warm weather is a mere three weeks away ... I think I can I think I can.
But for a reminder and in case I disappear ...

FRECKLES!!! (i.e. sun spots) (i.e. happiness)

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