Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankfully Yours

I know that Thanksgiving is predicated on a meal that was probably totally fake, and even if it wasn't it was the beginning of a bloody relationship where squatters take advantage of the natives. BUT, I really dig the spirit of pausing for thanks, which is what I hope modern America attaches to Thanksgiving and let the turkeys and the cornucopias fall away. With that said:

I'm thankful, for my dysfunctional family.
My close and best friends, the ones that put up with all my demands and antics. I hope it's worth it for you guys.
My boyfriend, see the above reasoning. Also, because he makes me laugh without fail.
The dentist who told me I don't need my wisdom teeth out.
People who want to make the world a safer, sustainable, more beautiful and awesome place that don't have to.
My car. (please don't die on me)
The internetz.
My boss who supports me in most every single thing I want to do.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

AH, I was just identifying with the wrong demographic!

So in an effort to punch through my funk - o - rama I:

Started painting, art deco style. Now my new coat is covered in blue and gold paint, and I'm happy about it.

Took out a giant stack of recreational reading books (Chronicle of a Death Foretold, Death of a Salesman, Design in the Sustainable Era, Spanish the Fast and Fun Way, Of Love and Other Demons, and You Can't Catch Death, in case you were wondering) at the sweet quiet library.

Went to my neglected yoga class.

Pondered what the sensation of being in the roller derby might feel like.

Started researching Georgia Sea Kayak. :)

Then I imagined what it felt like to be somewhere that made me really really happy.

Then I danced, because I hadn't done it in a great while, without being a lil' tipsy (or more).

And now I have a sort of blue print that I need to hang onto.

Monday, November 22, 2010


I cried at the VFW hall ... I guess I should cross alcoholic off my list of future life style options. I don't think I'd have too many drinking buddies. I'll probably laugh at this in about a week, but for now I'm just wondering why my head's been so terrible lately.

Hopefully it's an oncoming existential crisis and not the famous Perez women's curse of moodiness and malaise coming to finally claim me. Either way, I won't go easy.

Also, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, is awesome.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

If it's broke, maybe you should consider getting a new one?

After election day last week I wrote up this big long blog about the politics of voting, the importance of voting, and how bad I feel for well meaning Obama. But it has just sat in my drafts folder sort of staring me down. I think it's probably a little too late, but my mind fell back onto it when I read an article on about two influential Chicago alderman enacting a $1 taxi surcharge.

Finance Committee Chair Ed Burke's reasoning are as follows, "These are mainly used by visitors to Chicago, business people who're on expense accounts and it isn't a big amount," Burke said. "A $1 surcharge isn't going to hurt anybody, in my opinion." Ugh, when concerned Taxi driver George Lutfallah voiced his concern that the surcharge may discourage people from taking taxis for shorter trips Burke says, "Good." "That'll be good for people's exercise ... They'll get more exercise walking."

You know who takes taxis a lot in the city? City dwellers with children, elderly people, drunk people who are responsible enough not to take out their keys. You know who else takes taxis? Regular people (without expense accounts) that live in the city that don't want to clog the streets with more traffic and have a need to get somewhere quickly. I'm so sick of arrogant policy makers that are out of touch with their constituency.

Good? If I was a part of the taxi assn. I would be furious that this guy is so disregarding of my profession. I could care less about taxis really because they creep me out, are already too expensive, and I'd usually rather walk, but for him to approach another surcharge (on top of last year's fuel surcharge) in such a flagrant way really pisses me off. Politicians are mostly a terrible lot that make decisions based on how they myopically perceive the world.

Remember when my blog was light and airy? I sort of miss that. Remember when I was more light and airy? I sort of miss that too. I need to worry worry less, which probably involves a lot of things. I need some c-c-ch-changes. I'm not sure what it is exactly, but I've been sort of frustrated about everything lately. Blargh. I do not like that, no not at all.

Oh yeah, here's that article: Chicago alderman seek dollar surcharge on cab rides, ya'll.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Misty Eyed Dad Love

It is both stressful and comforting to have someone love you unconditionally. Up until recently, I never really understood the concept of making someone proud. Blargh, don't do anything for anyone else do it for you! Ima headstrong female!

Getting a little older and a little wiser (or something) I am slowly beginning to understand the importance of making your own life better to justify the hard work of someone else's life. I have a sincere motivation to make my dad proud of this loud know-it-all rebel type that he created.

I want him to know that all he's sacrificed to be a good father is paying off. I just want to make him happy. And therein lies one of the many facets of love that make it one of the coolest things in the entire world. I want to be a better person not only to my dad, but in all my relationships and in the space I occupy in the world because he was good to me.

Sigh. I needed to send that bit off into the world since despite his unconditional love, I'm only beginning to climb the mountain of becoming the woman that I feel is deserving of the devotion and sacrifice of such a kind soul.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Free Education

MIT offers over 2000 full courses online through their Open CourseWare program. Education for all, well, everyone that has access to an internet connection. It's a start and a really amazing site. Check it out and spread the word. Gender studies course here I come!

MIT Open CourseWare.