Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankfully Yours

I know that Thanksgiving is predicated on a meal that was probably totally fake, and even if it wasn't it was the beginning of a bloody relationship where squatters take advantage of the natives. BUT, I really dig the spirit of pausing for thanks, which is what I hope modern America attaches to Thanksgiving and let the turkeys and the cornucopias fall away. With that said:

I'm thankful, for my dysfunctional family.
My close and best friends, the ones that put up with all my demands and antics. I hope it's worth it for you guys.
My boyfriend, see the above reasoning. Also, because he makes me laugh without fail.
The dentist who told me I don't need my wisdom teeth out.
People who want to make the world a safer, sustainable, more beautiful and awesome place that don't have to.
My car. (please don't die on me)
The internetz.
My boss who supports me in most every single thing I want to do.

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