Friday, May 11, 2012


I am so excited about being done with school (until fall) and I'm so excited for this weekend!  Lot's of fun happenings.  Yea, for summer!

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Giving Free Reign to his Dark Side

"Fuck them is what I say, I hate those e-books. They can not be the future… they may well be… I will be dead, I won’t give a shit!"

And so the future approaches without a great man influencing the hearts of children young and old.  This morning one of my favorite childhood author and illustrators died.  Maurice Sendak was an awesome guy.  He cared about people and he understood that the world is a scary place that mostly doesn't make sense.  He wrote children's books that made parents uncomfortable.  He wasn't afraid to be honest with kids and tackle tough topics in his writing and illustrations.  Sometimes life is sad and unfair kids, but it's your responsibility to find the good in it.  Maurice Sendak's work no matter how sad or fantastical always showed an awe and appreciation for life.  He also never apologized, and I can get behind that.