Tuesday, November 23, 2010

AH, I was just identifying with the wrong demographic!

So in an effort to punch through my funk - o - rama I:

Started painting, art deco style. Now my new coat is covered in blue and gold paint, and I'm happy about it.

Took out a giant stack of recreational reading books (Chronicle of a Death Foretold, Death of a Salesman, Design in the Sustainable Era, Spanish the Fast and Fun Way, Of Love and Other Demons, and You Can't Catch Death, in case you were wondering) at the sweet quiet library.

Went to my neglected yoga class.

Pondered what the sensation of being in the roller derby might feel like.

Started researching Georgia Sea Kayak. :)

Then I imagined what it felt like to be somewhere that made me really really happy.

Then I danced, because I hadn't done it in a great while, without being a lil' tipsy (or more).

And now I have a sort of blue print that I need to hang onto.


scott. said...

georgia sea kayak is a great place to bring your local aa chapter.

Neato! said...


I would like to manage a team one day. That is a dream of mine.