Sunday, November 14, 2010

Misty Eyed Dad Love

It is both stressful and comforting to have someone love you unconditionally. Up until recently, I never really understood the concept of making someone proud. Blargh, don't do anything for anyone else do it for you! Ima headstrong female!

Getting a little older and a little wiser (or something) I am slowly beginning to understand the importance of making your own life better to justify the hard work of someone else's life. I have a sincere motivation to make my dad proud of this loud know-it-all rebel type that he created.

I want him to know that all he's sacrificed to be a good father is paying off. I just want to make him happy. And therein lies one of the many facets of love that make it one of the coolest things in the entire world. I want to be a better person not only to my dad, but in all my relationships and in the space I occupy in the world because he was good to me.

Sigh. I needed to send that bit off into the world since despite his unconditional love, I'm only beginning to climb the mountain of becoming the woman that I feel is deserving of the devotion and sacrifice of such a kind soul.


stephan!e lee said...

well said! it's hard to articulate a realization like that and i applaud you for putting it out there. i think we tend to under-appreciate the people who've always been there for us the most.

The Last Unicorn said...

Hey stranger! Thanks, I was tearing up through the whole post! Ahh, emotions. I'd have to agree, under-appreciation doesn't do anyone any good. Thanks for commenting, how the heck are you?

Did you make it out to New York yet? I've been meaning to email Ben, but haven't gotten around to it, hows the pHd going? You guys need to come hang out in Chicago again soon.