Friday, February 09, 2007

precious colors

and I hadn't realized how good I had gotten at hiding my feelings.

Some days I wish I had magic chalk like Ophelia in Pan's Labryinth so when I need to escape for a bit I can just draw a little door and skip out till I feel right again.

but slowly this fog is lifting. Despite the cold I can be happy once again.

*the boy makes me feel warm.

So I've decided that it is imperative for me to become fluent in espanol again, and for me to be much stricter with my diet. (not Diet as in "trimspa baby", but diet as in dietary needs)

Someone I look up to called me brilliant, and for some reason it just made me feel more confused about how little I know.

Un hace mucho mucho tiempo, Yo era una vez una princesa.

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jaynie said...

I'm trying to learn how to speak Spanish via a really bad audio CD... I can now say "It is two o'clock!" and "Where is the towel?".