Monday, February 19, 2007

Fast As You Can

it is rather late and I should be studying for an 8 a.m. test.

but I can't help but wonder if this endeavor is far more narcissistic than I care to admit.
Been having much trouble focusing on writing prose as of late. Grrrr.
It's hard to focus on my priorities when a thousand other pin-pricks are stealing at my skin.

and you know what?
I just hope it feels this good for forever (or at least a good long while). I wanted to tell him that, but instead I just grabbed his hair and fell asleep. I do that.

tight mouthed and thin lipped, but I slumber with fireworks behind my eye lids.

Today I feel this and tomorrow I feel that and I'm right caught between two-thousand one hundred and seventy eight different ways to process my world; how do I know when to smile and when to shout? This is my home, but I don't know how to own it. And I'm not willing to take your help in the matter.

I think I might like your help.

Don't wanna be nar·cis·sis·tic. Synthesis, Catharsis, Practice, Practice, Strive for Perfection, Road map to discovery, Confessional, etc.

any thing but Narcissism.

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