Thursday, February 08, 2007

Don't ask me I don't give a damn ...

So now I'm sick. At least I'm getting to the point where my general distaste for everything has reached a comedic level. Also, oddly enough the people I'm most intimately acquainted with feel similar unrest and/or feelings of crazy.

I'm really terrified of global warming. We've really done it this time. It's quite scary to read a scientific report telling me that we've fucked around enough to cause a significant global change that can be seen in my life time. There's no way to stop global warming, we can just do our best to curb it. I need to really re-examine what kind of role I want to take as a consumer. What the hell can I do (I don't care if whatever I do won't make a significant impact, I don't want to be a part of destroying something I pretty much dig)? Shower less, recycle more, go vegan? Plant a victory garden??? Am I a strong enough of a person to make the comfort sacrifices I need to uphold my ideals? I feel like in the past three days I've been bombarded with everything that is ugly and terrifying in this world:
  • War (costly, devastating and with no enemy)
  • Unregulated Mass Media (thank you Toxic Sludge is Good for You!)
  • Global Warming
  • (Militant Child) Evangelical Christians ( unsettling , Jesus Camp)
  • and shitty weather
I wonder if it's the weather or all this stuff that is making me feel sick?
Regardless I'm not in class and I should be. and sometimes I wish I could be one of those blissfully ignorant kids that just go on living their lives un-affected by all this garbage. I know I need to make some changes. I just hope I'm smart enough.

My love grows for you-tube ... my daddy gave me a tape of this song from Woodstock when I was eleven years old. (okay the F-U-C-K is a little silly) BUT I think this song is great! Where are all the people writing protest songs about the silly war on terror?

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