Monday, June 22, 2009

What's Your Name. They Don't Care.

So this weekend was real nice and I don't work today so it feels even better. But I don't think I'm going to wear high heels for another five years! I ran into so many people this weekend at the weirdest places: Sparx Girl at a wedding, Sparx Boy at train station waiting for a different Sparx Girl for picnic (M&D are one of my more fave couples that exist), my cousin on my dad's side on train whom I hadn't spent time with since I was a little girl crawling under the table while they all played dominos, and finally my all through elementary school on again off again first boyfriend of all time (and his mom) on the streets of Chicago.

Weird town.

Father's day was nice and I know my papi doesn't read this or even know what blogger probably even is, BUT I appreciate you more than you can possibly understand. I wish I had about a thousand more ways to show it.

Last night after my farewell (she's back to LA) bike ride with T. I drove around way longer than the length it took me to drive home. I listened to mix c.d.s and felt the summer smack into my face. The skeeters were out and so were the lightening bugs. I pulled into the parking lot of the "Solid Rock" church, jumped on the giant trampoline for a little while, and then I just laid on that taut black fabric looking up at the night sky. The notions that flung through my mind were worthy of a poetic anthology, but when I whipped out my little black notebook I wrote just one sentence.

Today I spent the majority of the day painting with my mom and lil sis while listening to Johnny Cash in a tiny enclosed space, and then I spent the rest of the day riding my bike along the trail all free and sweaty and wild like listening to everything else.

Tomorrow I go to The Museum of Science & Industry! I've been trying to go to this museum for like two years, so I'm pretty jazzed. Fun times. Weird times. Sad times. Summer times.

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