Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Kafka the Prophet, After Midnight

Man I got so much to write about. Current events that aren't so current anymore, that I wish that I had commented on, because I care, now seem dated. I drank coffee before bed again, which is nice, because I love nothing more than drinking coffee with people. But it's affecting my sleep. I need this sleep. And so my scrambled coffee brain can't produce anything useful (or rem patterns). Sorry everyone, I've been sucking it up with this blog lately. I also noticed that my punctuation gets all willy nilly on caffeine and lack of sleep. HA! So no current events I lack the concentration.

Instead my friends, a smorgasboard of junk for your internet roamings:

I'm getting a lot of danger flack for willingly going to a country where nukes are pointed at them. Guess what folks there are nukes pointed at you too. But really, you think I'm not freaked enough already? Luckily since I read this one book I wake up every morning and ask myself: Are you ready to die today? That was only like a month ago, but I've only said no once. That was because I needed to return a rental car, ha ha. Live life, it only happens once.

I saw UP this weekend and it was in 3-D (dang I love that extra dimension). I hung out with a bunch of ladies and I laughed so hard as we sat in the parking lot of Dominicks yucking it up. Up was the saddest Pixar movie that has ever existed. See it. I had crazy dreams of escape and intrigue after I watched it. Dang, I just remembered I saw two movies this weekend! The other was The Brother's Bloom. A classic con movie with a poetic twist. I am a sucker for the gentleman con and the lady smuggla! If everyone conned everyone the world would be a better place and we'd all be dressed super slick like.

My babies turn 3 tomorrow. I met them when they were no years old. Crazy. My little sister is graduating from high school the next day. Weird. I'm glad she liked it more than I did. I'm proud. I love her and wish I could spare her from the pain of coming out of adolescence. But she's a smartie with thick skin and I'm most certain she'll come out alive. I am digging the people they are all becoming.

Oh shit, I wrote a lil something for the first time since forever. Care to gander? Kundera's fiction, Le Guin's essays and O'hara's poems have been tickling my brain lately. And music, oh the music. I just can't seem to stop consuming the all consuming.

Fear drops away like cement. And the wind is blowing through this place and every couple of minutes I think someone's trying to come in. That doesn't bode well for sleep/heart.

Okay okay I'm going to force this sleep into my bones, I am cold and my nose needs to be blown. I don't know when I'll be coming back again, but hopefully next time it will be better than this garble.

Should I go see Johnathan Richman June 11 or 12? These are the questions I should really be asking myself at 1am.

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