Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Themes on The Odyssey

I need to have more courage. Last night was a pretty rough night and I'm not sure why, but I don't like feeling like this. Some days when all of my fear comes to a head I find myself living in the past and in the future.

Two periods that can do nothing for me today.

I'm tired of feeling mopey and squinty eyed. This weekend I will wear glasses and a pretty dress and dance with a cute grocer and hopefully have lots of fun. Boy, do I love weddings.

Also, Colbert shaved his head, whaaaa!? His left ear is folded down and makes him look like an orc. It makes me giggle.

Here is a blog that makes me smile. Beautiful baby mama, engaging papa. Someday I think I need to write extensively about the coolness of this series, but for now you should just check it out. Here is another cool blog about people trying not to be lazy and get - shit - done! (I can relate oh man can I relate). It inspired me to make a list with little check boxes of all the projects I want to get done before I leave. Speaking of leaving ...

I finally sent off my list of official documents (at the jaw dropping price of 70 bones, damn you FedEx) and if all that business checks out I get my contract and I will know the exact date I will be leaving. Ahhhhh. This shit is crazay, and it is thusly making me crazay. Must maintain extremely fragile grip on emotions.

Must live in the present. I think I'm going to make a blanket bed and cuddle up with the floor tonight. Must get a good night of sleep. Must not worry about stuff that is out of my control.

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