Tuesday, June 09, 2009

No Regrets

I get the best and the worst of you, and for that I'm thankful. But I'm certain of a few intangible truths that will come to pass over the next year. Bonds will be strengthened, but not ours. Friends will be made, but I won't know them. Memories will be made, but I won't be a part of them. You'll become super close to all the people I miss, I only hope my name comes up every so often.

Yeah it's only a year I tell myself, but we're young and fast and a lot changes in a year. I will be the outsider. What ever happened to The Last Unicorn? What's she up to?

Hopefully it will be a good year for the both of us and we'll have good stories to tell each other when we play at catch up. But still I get a little sad. Still I can't deny that I'd rather hang out with you over most anyone else.

But I'm part of the problem and being a good friend is part of the solution. Long distance friendships are where it's at. Right? ha ha. Time is slipping by so fast. I can't hold on to anything even for a moment. I can't sort out my relationships because everything is so fuzzy fast and comes with an expiration date. I'm sorry to a few people for that. I'm too busy and too loved to feel too lonely and I'm afraid that it's going to hit me like a steel wall when I find myself unable to sleep all alone in a foreign country. Oh well, we shall see, right? I know I'm going to be having a lot of solo underwear dance parties and that can't be bad!

On a less pensive note: I might be sad, but not this sad! Ha ha AND I totally dig Pandora internet radio! Mmmm Modest Mouse and Defiance, Ohio! And I'm finally uploading pictures from my California trip, what a pain! Holy crap it's already mid-June!


Kristin Manzi said...

You'll still have the interwebz though, right? We will keep you filled in so that, even though it might cause some homesickness, you won't feel as out of the loop when you come back! PS Are you gonna visit here this summer o' whut?

The Last Unicorn said...

Thanks Miss Manzi, but it's okay I just gotta deal with it! And yeah, man I really want to come down before I leave. I need to figure out when!

How the heck is your summer going lady?