Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm a dreamer. I'm a schemer. Ima fraidy cat. Maybe I should be a Lemur.

  • I'd really like it to stop raining.
  • I'd really like to make it to the crimethinc convergence this year. My number of radical friends dropped drastically whence I was deemed single. I don't want to be socially lazy anymore (among other forms of laziness). I need to make connections with people that are like minded to remind me to keep moving and not go stagnant in my idealistic frustrations. So I guess I need to, "Up the Punx" in my life. ha ha.
  • I'd really LOVE if the people who I ordered my glasses from would call me and tell me they are in so I can wear them and see the world clearly, because maybe it would help me see myself more clearly (who knows)?
I am halfway through One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and consequently discussing a really sad mental health case my boss is currently prosecuting, and the combo of the two are forcing me to reevaluate my thoughts on the human psyche. Mental illness is a really complex and traditionally misunderstood disease. At what point does emotional stress become a disease that so alters the patient that they cannot (or should not) be held responsible for their actions? Every doctor knows the basic outline of treating a cancerous tumor, but even within the world of mental health there are several schools of thought with numerous approaches on how to treat this very dynamic disease. Also, the combo of nature and environment that causes mental illness intrigue me as well. As does the way America treats its mentally ill. Out of sight out of mind. Eff that noise. I don't know, I'm interested.

My apologies, today's entry has absolutely no continuity, much like my life these days! Oh well oh well!

EDIT: I just ate a bowl full of cherries ... and now I have a tummy ache!! Ha ha, go fig. Alas, it stopped raining and they called about my glasses! Here are some loverly videos that make me feel optimistic and summery:

Holy moly, this song is so catchy and makes me feel like going out and dancing! I lurve Karen O!

A classic.

Because this video is so damn summery, and because I miss you.

Self-explanatory goodness!

People move me. Yeah they really get me going.

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