Monday, June 08, 2009

Thug Love

Last night I screened a bunch of tees for my friend's band with the face of Tupac Shakur on them, it was so much fun. I hadn't screened for a looong time, and it was the first job I did mainly on my own! They actually came out really well!

I'm proud of me.

I always forget how good it feels to produce things with your hands. I mean sure there are a few that got screwed up, but less than normal! Honestly I didn't even think that this project was going to come together due to time constraints (and a faulty opaque pen). Designs got switched the day of, and T. was at work so I had to hunt down all the supplies in her home, we were out of transparencies, and the screener (which is too heavy for me to move) was in a shed!

But in that shed, with the last remaining hours of sunlight, it all came together! I screened my little heart out, I got eaten by mosquitos, and then I ate some honey nut cheerios to celebrate! West Nile Yo!

I want to make more things! I want to make everything!

Also, I want a pair of white pants ... is this a really bad idea? Ha ha.

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