Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Boy Who Could Fly

I want to know this man. I want to sit down with him and say, "You are beautiful in every way. Let's drink tea and play scrabble." No expectations no promises no pressure. He seems brave, no? ----------->
I forgot where I got this picture from. Sorry.

Last night was steamy and pleasant. I got to see good music and good friends and sure I had to bite my lip not to cry a little, but I'm trying to get better at living with that empty space. I'm trying to fill that gaping hole with music and books and lovely sweaty people.

Bah the month of July makes me feel so stressed to even think about.

BUT I just downloaded the Andrew W.K. discography so I think we'll all be okay.



Neato! said...

Scott Schuman's photo from his blog the sartorialist. It's a really great blog. You ought to see the pictures of his well dressed old men. They dress how I wanna dress.

scott. said...

Did you hear that story about Andrew WK playing classical piano at some kid's funeral for four hours because all the kid wanted was some AWK when he died?
punk rock.

The Last Unicorn said...

YES! I just found that blog. Such creative and beautiful people. I like how they all look so different. And you totally dress like them now, you're so dapper!

No, but that's honestly beautiful. Andrew W.K. is awesome. And punk rock. Did you hear about his sweet new show for kids about blowing stuff up? I'm gonna download the shit out of it in koko.