Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I entered an international haiku contest on a whim. I'm pretty excited.
It's already wednesday; How did that happen?
I'm all out of books again, so I started another comic series. I don't really like it, but I almost never like things at first. The things I usually detest the greatest end up being my most favorites ... I wonder why that is.


Grad School Reject said...

Why oh why....Sweet LORD why, do you allude to the things you are reading and not give me titles? Don't you know I am a book nerd by now? :)

And I may or may not be wearing a comic book inspired t-shirt right now (Aquaman), and it may or may not be one of two (Green Lantern in my dresser)

scott. said...

Hello Miss Pocket,
I think you are wonderful.
My room smells like farts.

The Last Unicorn said...

GSR: Sorry, from now on, titles. I adore Green Lantern! Man, you ARE such a nerd, he he. I just started Watchmen (written by Alan Moore, illustrated by Dave Gibbons).

Also, I finally bought Written on the Body, that Winterson you recommended a while back.


Scott. : You're a peach. Also, you DID feed Kyle fish noodles, or possibly it's that new vegan diet you've adopted. (Jerk!)

scott. said...

Rohan has been trying to get me to read Watchmen for like 6 months. He says I would like its politics.

The Last Unicorn said...

Ha ha, that's exactly what my brother said!