Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The result was a million infinitely complex pieces.

Official dweller of the great (dirty, pretty, complex, etc.) city of chicago. Finally. Now if only I can figure out how to build a dining room table.

There are a trillion beautiful and lovely things about the world. True, there might be equal parts of rotten, but it is our job to root out the good and serve it up on a pink platter (or whatever color you like).

I am excited about things right now. Everything.

AND, it stopped raining.


Next stop: Discourse on Immigration Policy.


jaynie said...

I AM SO JEALOUS! You have no idea.

But as green-eyed as I am, I have to say, CONGRATULATIONS, my lovely!

The Last Unicorn said...

Ma'am you know you are welcome anytime day or night! Pssh anyway you got Hawaii, what I wouldn't give for some ocean breeze!

and thanks for the congrats I am beyond excited.

Grad School Reject said...

I hope you like the city. If I have you placed correctly, you are in one of my favorite cities to visit.