Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Pro-Life Action League (wah waaah)

It has recently come to my attention that my town is getting a large planned parent-hood clinic. I think it's a very positive step towards Aurora cleaning up and taking care of its residents, but not everyone would agree with women taking responsibility for their lives and possible offspring. Apparently we still live in the fifties where responsible family planning and women's rights are frowned upon.

There has been a flurry of pro-life protestors and some media coverage of the "den of sin." According to Steve Trombley, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood/Chicago Area, "more than 90 percent of its services have to do with reproductive health care, not abortion, and that the clinic is opening because of local demand." While I am an avid pro-choice supporter I tend to not get involved with protests where a bunch of zealots from both sides yell at each other, until I came upon the illustrious Joe Schiedler and the pro-life action league. Let's see what the pro-life action league has to say:

Speaking of sordid, did you see the reaction to the news that the cost of contraceptives is soaring on college campuses? It seems the poor little promiscuous floozies on campus may have to pay $40 for Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo instead of a reasonable $7, and up to $25 for a good old generic contraceptive pill that was going for only $5 or $6.

The Big Bad Wolf in this story is President George Bush for signing a Deficit Reduction Act last year, aimed at reducing federal spending by $39 billion, making it more costly for drug makers to offer low cost birth control to college clinics. Then the U. S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services issued regulations that dropped college clinics from a list of agencies to which drug companies could sell discounted drugs. Oh, sob!

And this tragedy has caught the poor little fornicators off guard, and they are scared that they may become pregnant, since they haven't enough character to practice virtue. Or maybe they never even heard of that option. But while it may cost them something, many students say they wouldn't dream of going off of their contraceptives. Some, so bold as to give their names for the Sun-Times story, say they'll pay whatever it takes. A kind of sick, sad, sordid, society we've got here on our modern college campuses. Give me the good old college days of yore.

He sounds really intelligent. Hey anyone want to go to a protest with me?? I'll even let you hold the picket sign.

Anywho, this is how the weekend went: WONDERFUL. I visited my alma mater (ha ha), and I saw everyone I wanted to see and did everything I wanted to do. I even got to go swimming! At night! Basically life is pretty darn enjoyable right now, and I'm ready to buckle down and start studying hard and getting my portfolio ready for grad school.


Grad School Reject said...

I like how the Pro-Life extremists (meaning, not all are extremists) argue for the higher cost of contraception, and at the same time fail to support increases in welfare and head-start educational programs. That is logic I have yet to figure out.

The Last Unicorn said...

When it comes to extremists (on most any topic) the logic is absent, but we already knew that.