Monday, August 06, 2007

News, Blues, and other woeities

First off, I'm a little dissappointed G.Keillor. In a recent Salon article, Disaster Belief he writes abut generation Y (that's me) being a bunch of irresponsible lofty dreamers.

"A Harris Interactive poll of Generation Y's feelings about work shows 92 percent want a "flexible work schedule," 96 percent want a job that "requires creativity," and 97 percent want a job that "allows me to have an impact on the world." All I can say is, Wow. Good luck. And now you know why we need illegal immigrants."

A) I thought the bit about illegal immigrants was in poor taste.
but I can't throw any stones about poor taste, SO more importantly:
B) I'm going to tie a red string around my finger so as to make sure, that when I hit the ripe age of fifty I won't spend my days bemoaning about how much harder I had it as a child.

Then Keillor wagged on about how we waste our time watching silly videos on youTube while our immigrant caretakers break their backs in our gardens and toilets.

"meanwhile the young men and women in the cubicles are fascinated by the sex life of gerbils. After work they go to Matt's and drink like the Russian cavalry and get totally blitzed and take a leak in the refrigerator. They are working at Northern Grommets only until Steven Spielberg calls and tells them he is wildly in love with their screenplay. This could happen next week or perhaps in the fall. They are almost 30 but their clocks don't tick yet. Their ship will come and they will buy a house in Pacific Palisades and be driven to the studio every day by Felipe while Maria cleans the house and Ramon does the yard and pool."

Oh Garrison do I detect a sense of bitterness towards a generation that can get both work and play achieved concurrently? What nationality is your gardner mister Keillor? How about the screenplay for your smashing movie with an all-star cast, including everyone's favorite teen hearthrob Lindsay Lohan? Nope, no sir, not anyone has wanted to improve their quality of life like the Y generation, why we're just a bunch of selfish YouTubing oafs.

Or is it that our generation has it, not harder, but much different than any of the generation's past. We have seen the most casual death and destruction, a rise in technology, and an administration of bull-shit. In my oppinion those factors have given way to a rise of confidence in ourselves. We are a generation of "Do It Yourselfers." I'd wager to say independent of the early pioneers we are the most effective workforce that the America's has ever seen. We efficiently whiz through our days at the cubicle so we can work on our popular podcasts, while trying to undo the environmental damage that the last seven decades have enacted, politically blogging and organizing, all while paying off our astronimical student loans. Contrary to popular belief everyone under the age of twenty five isn't sitting around tanked and watching animals copulate on YouTube, while waiting for our friends to pick us up in their Hummers for coffee and some gambling.

While I'm so charged up, The top 10 entirely avoidable mistakes made by the Bush administration. Yea for the internets!

Still in a bit of a funk, but not so much so. The weather is oppresive, much like, oh I won't say it ...

p.s. and by the way: My spell check is mysteriously missing from my dashboard, I expect a few or many misspells. My apologies.


scott. said...

DIY or DIE!!!
or something like that.

Grad School Reject said...

I wonder if Mr. Kielor will feel any remorse when he starts to draw the social security that is still provided by gen X and gen Y, despite the fact that those two generations will likely have nothing.

The Last Unicorn said...

You are a big dork, but that's why I like you. DIY or die trying?

I'm convinced GK is a robot co-programmed by the Minnesota Nostalgia Association and The United States Government. He doesn't feel remorse.