Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Somewhere it's not dark, dark, dark!

Tomorrow will be 90 hundred thousand degrees. I plan on throwing off all my earthly posessions and diving into the nearest body of water. LEACHES!

I made a shit ton of lovely today, and danced the rest of the time. Underwear dancing is hot, no matter who you are or what your skivvies look like! Here are some sweet dance super hits that made me moooooove ...

mmmmm, let's pretend we don't exist!

An oldy but a goody, and Kimya Dawson is my model for womanhood!

I love this band unconditionally.

This woman is classy, and I think I learned all her dance moves this afternoon.

I hope you enjoy and want to move yo feet a bit.
I decided to chunk the thought process and go on living my life the way I had been for the past month, so I'm heading out to the city, I do believe.

not having that which having makes me worry. Aye stop making sense and start hugging your friends and enemies.

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