Friday, June 22, 2007

Oh me

I hadn't been in a hospital for a good long while. I am convinced they are time warps.

I am convinced they make well people sick. I don't want to have to spend anytime in there again anytime soon.

I'm sad. I don't know how to climb out of it right now. The thing about the future is you're not supposed to be able to prematurely miss people, yet I do it all the time. I hate/love the fact that I'm nearly convinced if I could climb into his neck and arms right now, I would feel a little better, at least for a bit. Oh well.

Tonight my dad told me, in reaction to me saying he should totally go back to school, "When you get older your dreams tend to die out slowly." It nearly broke my fucking heart. My dad's other dreams the ones that are alive and well ... for his children to make money. I hate money, I really do, but I think I might forgo the not-for-profit job, for something a little more lucrative so I can take my daddy out on dates in classy establishments. At least until I get to grad-school (oh please let me find my way back to academia).

Oh dear, I might just not make it in the real world.

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