Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Mother Knows Best

I'm tired. I was sleeping good up until an excalibur point. I can trace back to the day, exact time, and reason why I began to sleep like a fitful bedbug. Being tired makes me not want to go out and do fun things. A couple of weeks ago I was complaining that "fun things to do" didn't exist. Wrong, but now I'm being a rat. Damn it, if I can't teach myself to forget to think.

Today was long, long. I started out at the hot spot known as the Aurora DMV. The computer's were down and it took approx. 48 hrs to get through the first line for them to tell me to go to the end of the line seven. Upon arrival at line seven they told me that I'd need to take a number and wait in line three, of course, they said I could sit down if I wanted. They didn't need to say it, but I knew we were in for the long haul. So I sat and I sat and sat some more. A younger looking guy sat down beside me and struck up a conversation. I mostly hate non-necessary conversation (for many reasons, but most notably because I'm awkward and my brain hurts from trying NOT to be. Then I realize that I am and my dumb body starts sweating and fidgeting profusely). This guy seemed really pleasant and I was immediately placed at ease. The conversation soon widened in depth and breadth. We began talking about music and realized we were both going to be at a few of the same concerts this summer.

Eventually my number was called and I politely stood and thanked him for the company, as I stood up so did he. He pulled out a pen and asked me for my number. Now I know that this is probably not too common for most girls, but for the last unicorn it is quite uncommon. I just stared at him. Yes, this chap was nice, but I certainly didn't feel comfortable giving him my number; I don't know why, probably some stranger danger lesson my paranoid mother had ingrained in my psyche at an early age. I didn't know what to do, so I guess you could say I caved.

Later in my "adventure" we were once again placed by each other forcing me into more chatting. Somehow the conversation turned to Johnny Cash and then to jail. He asked me if I ever had served any time. Again. I just looked at him. Did I look like the type of gal that had "served time?" After my facial expression made it obvious that I hadn't he volunteered the knowledge that he had in fact "served time" and it wasn't pleasant. I then told him it wasn't supposed to be and made the mistake of asking him what he was in for. Battery. Oh that's sweet. Again some blank face from the last unicorn. Of course he assured me he did not posses a bad temper, he just had to beat the shit out of his (now ex) girlfriend's old boyfriend. What the hell are you supposed to say to that? Also, and more importantly ladies of the internets ... what the hell do you say to males that do the surprise number request?
Moral of the Story: Always trust your gut ... when it comes to anyone at the DMV just say no?

The real kicker of the story is that after leaving the DMV I later noticed that yours truly fucking lost the trip permit that she had waited in line nearly three hours to acquire. Boo Forever.

After the DMV incident I had an unexpected lunch with thewiseone. He's more wise than ever. I detected a subtle change in him, his exterior sadness has moved inward and his inward happiness has become exterior. I don't know if that's a good or bad thing, but he still gives the most lovely hugs of time! Of course the kid is still an enigma wrapped in a miracle. I am continually impressed with the bold choices he makes in living a life that's unconventional. I love that we have the kind of relationship where we can always just pick up where we left off. Some day I'm going to make him my editor, if I ever get around to letting him read any of my work. I could think of no one better. After all he introduced me to the lovely world of Troutfishing in America and Maker's Mark whiskey!

My mind is wrapped up in a lot of thought. My mother has recently spat out many a proverb to me. I don't know. I don't know about a lot, and I sure as hell hate feeling like I'm in emotional limbo. Double sigh. Tonight after I put the kids to bed I watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, I'm sure that didn't help my thinking process. Funny how books and movies can change your very thought patterns.

Funny how one can trick themselves into thinking about something in a very specific way so they don't have to acknowledge something else just to trick there minds into thinking they never thought the original way in the first place. Hoohaa minds are a funny. That probably doesn't make sense to anyone. Actually I'm not sure it makes sense to me. Can you tell I'm in one of those hyper-sensitive meta thinking modes? Dangerous rocks for idealists to traverse...

Anywho last night I spent hours painting the night sky onto a piece of midnight blue card stock. I felt like it was meditation or as close to meditation that my ADHD mind/body could come close to experiencing. Tonight I spent the night with a small child that would not stop eating his boogers.
Care Taker Theater:
Why we just ate, you couldn't possibly be hungry.
But they are good why can't I eat them?
Child remove your fingers from your nose.
Why? Why? ooogah chooga bing
Are you speaking a foreign language?
Yes, Spanish.
I didn't know you knew.
sssssssshhhhhhh ka ka ka dooo
(little sister to little brother) Mom told you to stop eating your boogers!
(his response) Mom told you to stop eating MY boogers.
Fine. Let's go to the computer mister, according to kidshealth.org ... He especially hated when I uttered the word cilia. I hope his mum never has to deal with him booger eating ever again. For the record I was a booger flicker and a scab picker, but never a booger eater!

Oh yeah check this guy out, presidential hopeful Ron Paul. He used to be a libertarian and I think I might like the cut of his jib. He voted against the Patriot Act. He voted against regulating the Internet. He voted against the Iraq war. He's all about less government. Though I'm not sure that he supports women's right to choice, which I just can't have.

Regardless being informed is the only way to beat them at their own game kitties!

This is an annoyingly long blog so before I rant some more I'm going to call it all off and go eat Blueberry Poptarts with my big brother. TASTY!


Grad School Reject said...

I liked this post a lot. Particularly the line: Boo Forever. I have no officially stolen that from you :)

I know I'm not a "girl of the internet" (despite the fact that the mistake has been made more than once), but I think guys should give women their numbers. That way the woman isn't pressured, she doesn't get stuck with the "is he going to call me?" question.

That said, I don't know how most women would then feel about having to call the guy for a date. So in the conclusion - I'm not much help.

The Last Unicorn said...

Ha ha, I use that line far too much! I think girls would love getting to call, I know I would. Girls hate waiting!