Saturday, June 02, 2007

Links A Plenty!

Thursday: The Sea & Cake with three stooges. Ran into an old friend from ages ago. He had a delightful beard and content disposition. Last I saw of him he hated the world, especially women. I'm glad stuff like that changes. I laughed all night and the music was stellar. After the show we all shoved ourselves into a tiny photobooth. That may have been my favorite part of the night. I'm the little bit of polka dots in the left hand corner! I wish everywhere I went had a b&w photo booth.

Friday: Microphones/Mt. Eerie with "the chimney" (how do you like that?). It was one of the better shows I've seen in a long time. Some people just understand the magic of music. The show was in a tiny church on S. Union over by Halstead. Bestfriend used to live around there and I have many memories of college life and Mister Tee. (headstands and rat chasing!) But I digress the show was at South Union Arts Center, which is an old church with a gaudy neon cross. A little weird, but not for long, the lights went down and all the hipster kats and kittens settled down ... perfection; The cross cast a neon glow on everyone, the rain fell in beat to the beautiful music, and the wind cooled our sweaty flesh. For one song we were asked to sing along. Our voices swelled and flooded the entire chamber. We sang as one. I'd like to imagine that church felt revived somehow at the familiar sound of people lifting their voices in unanimity and devotion. Paul Elverum is a most precious and humble man who I dig tremendously. I wish I would have brought my camera. I haven't taken a picture in over a year. I should start taking more pictures.
In an hour or so I leave town again. I am happy, but pensive. I'm going to dance and drink until I die tonight, then I will come back to life and drink some more. And I will also have a (hopefully sweet haircut to do it in).

OH YES! Best news of all time ever, my little D.I.Y. company The Modern Tshirt Company (I would link you to our website, but we scrapped it and our MySpace is abhorable) got accepted to sell our goods at this year's Pitchfork Festival which is a huge Chicago music festival. This is the first year we will be selling our goods and it is an honor to be able to be a part of (since they had to turn away a lot of vendors) such an awesome festival. All of the goods being sold are all hand made (not in a lame crafty way, but in a sweet arty way) and well I'll just let them describe it:

All things handcrafted. No brand-names. No foreign-assembly. No
questionable ethics. In DEPART-ment’s onsite store, everything you see has been
made by people just like you. Here, countless vendors will offer a massive
selection of handmade clothing, jewelry, tote bags, purses, wallets, and a
number of other things that are fantastically beautiful but difficult to

Yes! we are so damn excited, and that's going to keep the last Unicorn quite busy. We expanded our line from just hand screened t-shirts to handmade: stationary, framed art, bags, jewelry, and hopefully we'll get some sweet undies screened for the event. So if you're at Pitchfork this year check out The Modern T-shirt Company's booth! I hope Yoko Ono buys one of our shirts ...


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Grad School Reject said...

Reasons Why I'm Jealous Of You:

1) The New Pornographers
2) Cat Power
3) Califone
4) Steven Malkmus

I could go on, but I think you get the point. Enjoy Pitchfork!

The Last Unicorn said...

Ahhh I will take pictures for you!
Thanks, I'm definitely excited.