Thursday, June 14, 2007

All things good and nice

I should be ashamed of myself ... after a wonderful blog note from GSR I haven't written in nearly a week. Well, I've been writing, pages upon pages, but in the old fashioned sense. A million things worth remembering (pondered) are tucked away in my tiny notebook. Life is weird and shapeshifting and unexpected. It's also moving faster than I can nearly manage. I'm still trying to get things figured out for the fall, oh whoa ho what am I saying ... I'm barely getting started figuring things out for right now. Let's take it one season at a time.


The weekend was absolutely stupendous, I hung out with some amazing people who gave me a snapshot glimpse of what life MAY be like in the fall. I took a lot of good and not so good lessons about living in the city away with me. The rest of the weekend was spent pondering life in a thousand different ways. Everything seems to be working out in ways that are too good to be true. I must say I'm a little skeptical. BUT I won't wait for my good graces to fall out. I can't help but wonder if this summer is enchanted.

This week, I've been doing everything and nothing and thinking about a thousand different glass possibilities. Sigh, what happend to my solitary confinement summer? I've been on the go go go for a week. I must take the time to do the things that keep me internally glued. I'm tired again and it seems too soon. Balance has always been a tough principal for me to master.

But ask me if I'm happy, and I'll smile like a little kid. I couldn't have conceived of a unicorn summer such as this ...

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Grad School Reject said...

Yay for good summers. I am hoping for some good old fashioned "relaxation" time, and I hope you'll send an update of Lolapalooza. Keep smiling.