Sunday, June 24, 2007

Privacy Report

I wasn't going to go out of town today. I had decided against it, but today I changed my mind again. I need to go places where people shine a lot (i.e. NOT home). I can keep myself out of trouble. I need to go on adventures. I need new settings to shake things up now and again.

A lot of people are sick around me. I don't know what to do. I try to think positive thoughts and wonder if making them cards with pretty things and encouraging words will help make them feel better. I want my silly cards to make people get better. I want my kind words to heal people's cancers and ugly diseases. I panicked about life the other day. I think I feel better about it all. I still don't know if I am cut out for the real world, but hopefully I can make my own.

Last night I stayed up inconceivably late working very hard. It was fun and felt good. I wish all "work" felt that good. I have mustard yellow paint caked under my nails, I love mustard yellow! I'm really proud of the things that we made. I'm really proud of us.

This morning I have been using the super exacto knife (900 degrees Fahrenheit baby), the hot glue gun, and the pressure washer. These are all dangerous tools ... I came out unscathed.


On a heavier note:
I know I am neglecting people and things this summer. It's so hard to get me out and about when I am intensely focused on two or three things. I don't want to be bad at this. Relationships are really hard for me to maintain. Romantic, friendship, familial etc. I always feel like I'm not giving one group or more enough attention. I'm always thinking about the people that I care about, even if they don't know it. I wish I was better at letting them know.

If any of yous are reading this,
I love your guts and you are instrumental in my good health and mental harmony!!
I love you!!!
Even if I disappear for weeks at a time you're still on my mind.

Good News:

  1. I'm going on a trip (it promises to be goodtimes).
  2. I started writing a new story.
  3. I found my favorite (super soft) dress in a box. I have been wondering (not looking) where it was since summer started.
  4. We are screening yellow shirts with orange ink, and I love that color combo (pictures soon?).
  5. I decided what I want to be for Halloween this year.
  6. Tiny Beds.
This week will be quite busy. I gotta stay on top of shit yo!
This song makes me want to dance around, and Devendra Banhart, well just look at the lovely locks ...

Yesterday my Momda asked me if all I ever do is eat, ride my bike, and sit on the computer.
I just smiled bitterly. Some day maybe we'll get to know each other. Maybe someday we can travel to Ireland together. Maybe.


Grad School Reject said...

I say make the cards with silly pictures, sit back, and let them work their magic. I have a feeling people will get "it."

Also, can you post the website where your shirt will be for sale? I feel like it was up once before but I can't remember. Or am I making up the fact that there is a website where your shirts are for sale? Either way I'm interested.

The Last Unicorn said...

Ahh you say all the right things!

Yeah, I had the website up, but it just wasn't working for us so we deleted it. Give me like two weeks and I will send you a link to what we have going on now, thanks for the interest!

p.s. Your post about your papa was too precious. I'm a big daddy's girl (if you haven't noticed), and it almost made me cry! I couldn't think of anything worthy enough to post on your site so just know it made me smile so big!

Grad School Reject said...

Thanks for all of that. Especially the stuff about the "dad" post. I got a sense that you are a daddy's girl (in a good way), and I hope he is well.

Additionally, you don't ever have to feel pressure to comment on my blog, or reply to my comments over here. Part of why I love your blog is that you do this for you.

That doesn't mean I don't like the responses, but I got a sense early on that you write for yourself. I can't tell you how much I respect that.