Wednesday, June 20, 2007

People lead enchanted lives

Not to be confused with, The Velvet Velvet's 2004 release "People Lead Enchanted Lives."
I came up with that title, but he never meant it.
Anyway that was weird. But seriously folks, I think I might be enchanted. In high school I lost my million dollar Ti83+ calculator over two dozen times and every single time it somehow found its way back to me...

Good things are happening, and bad things disguised as good things are happening.

1) I watched a beaver eat delcious grass in my backyard, sorta.
2) I grabbed a string of stars and wrapped them around my finger so I could find the way back home. Or maybe they were fireflies.
3) I am begining to see life in a more patient and beautiful way.
4) I said exactly what I was thinking.

I had a dream that we held hands underwater and swam with the missing otters, I always dream alone, it was nice to have company.

Tonight I watched the movie Bridge to Terabithia. Damn, I had forgotton how gut wrenchingly sad it is, but of course it has a very enchanted quality, to keep with the theme of the night. I hope my imagination never dries up on me, that would be quite a shame.

Today we picked up our first order of t-shirts they are sassy and lovely and I can't wait to splatter our paint on them. Each minute of each day of sunlight that passes I acquire roughly 14,000 more freckles. I am going backwards in time ... weeee!

Yeah C'mon I wanna go right now!

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Grad School Reject said...

Bridge to Terabithia was the first book to make me cry. I was in 5th grade, and I still haven't forgotten it.