Saturday, May 19, 2007

Surfer Rosa, "Rabble Rabble."

Last night I drank coronas and watched Saw III with my mom. Tehee what a weird and wonderful bonding experience.

I got tipsy with the ol lady and topped the night of by chumming with old friends. First time I've drank since school, and I'm glad I started it off with the momma. A friendship grows there, and I will gladly bring on the rains if it will ensure a good harvest.

Today I woke early (I mean EARLY) and rummaged. Purchased sunny cups for mere quarters.

I have much to do and little to say. I broke out the paints and I plan on once again letting my hands take control. Also, I decided to try my "hand" at refinishing furniture.

I want to post before and after pictures ... we'll see how that goes. Could be The Last Unicorn biting off more than she can stew. Often guilty never sentenced. Whatever that means!

Ninette is getting married, and I get to watch. Holy Moly.

Nothing too poetic to say, but I have been seeing things in folky ways: Sonnets, Protests, and Experimental apropos. I will copy and paste and paste and copy soon.