Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Duel Personality?

This weekend was good. A far cry from the last. This is a good sign. Blah blah everything gets better with time, even summers. Okay I get it, but that doesn't mean I can't get a little sad about missing the ones that I'd like to spend time with the most. Fortunately some of those people are right here in my town and others came to see me and others still I went to visit. I hope the ones I cannot get to are having a lovely summer, I hope they know they are in my thoughts. (I hope you know I'm thinking of you I hope you think about me too) I've done so much this weekend. It was a long one, sweet Thursday to sunny Monday.

The adventure and escape I am looking for may have manifested itself in the lovely island of Costa Rica!! Holy moly I know. The woman I nanny for asked me the other day how I feel about travel. I said I love traveling though as a college student I haven't gotten to do it as much as I'd like (well I didn't say it exactly like that). She said well the kids were born in Costa Rica and I'd like to go in July for two weeks. If I were to pay for your ticket and expenses and of course for your time down there would you be interested?

Would I be interested?

I went to the Memorial day parade to see my sister color guard. Ran into a lot of people in a good way. I was glad. I felt good. Not my usual awkward self. Though a weird thing happened, the sound of bagpipes nearly brought me to tears. Actually I was in tears but had to hide them like the Dickens so as to avoid any odd familial glares or expected explanation. Bagpipes amaze me and may be the saddest instrument. It was bizarre to say the least. Also, right after the bagpipes there was a somber float dedicated to the memory of three young soldiers. Killed in Iraq. And the float directly after the memorial was one touting the benefits of enlisting: GoArmy ra ra ra! It made me sick, and embarrassed. There is nothing I despise more than a man in uniform. A family a couple down from me yelled out to every float thank you oh thank you! I wondered what they were thanking them for. Defending freedom, keeping gas prices down, ensuring America stays the wealthiest nation? Veteran's I will gladly thank.

Anyone from this "war" does not receive my blessing or my national pride. This is not a war of freedom or allies. If I had the medical expertise I would go to Iraq and take care of all the innocent people torn apart in this war of egos. What the hell are they fighting for? What crosses through their mind when they ransack an already derelict village? Many issues I am willing to see both sides, weigh out the pros and cons, but with this I see no sides. I see death and destruction to everyone involved. When it comes to fighting a question less war I am the purest idealist the world has ever seen.

p.s. natural deodorant is not cutting it, and Pringles new guacamole chips are stinking delicious. The week looks promising and the weekend even more so. I also am getting a haircut, wahoo, no more mop head!

make love not war. bake muffins. go shopping. organize an anarchist's collective. paint rainbows. read books. do cartwheels until you puke. pretty much anything except ...

love and joy, getting happier and more tan by the moment,
Last Unicorn

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Scott said...

I hope you know I think about you a lot.
And your mix fucks with my shit.
Sorry, sometimes I can't help breaking radio silence.