Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Let's blow this pop stand ... in two months when I have enough money saved up.

The suburbs hold nothing for me.

On a happier note: Best Friend has arrived, and The Last Unicorn once again became, "Nanny" Last Unicorn (lil El is darling and they pay me well).
Furthermore I am slowly coming to the important realization that it's okay not to have roots in a town where I don't feel I really belong. I know where my friends are, and when I am ready I will go to them. For now best friend and a few other will lament over how Aurora is a rogue town where both yuppies and gangsters go to spread their bad seed. I feel this idea of isolationism in the transition from a home back to "home" is common among youth. Damn me for wanting to be around people that I feel are going to change the world, or who just plain make me happy. Where are all the champions in Aurora? where.

Ahh they've probably all run off to the big city. Dear me I'm on my way.

Oh one more, I've begun a stunning book that makes me remember why it is important to write: Wittgenstein's Mistress. It is about a woman that may or may not be (is she mad?) the last person on earth. It is dense yes, but intriguing.

P.S. Do I abuse the ellipses?

(photo by the illustrious Ruth Bernhard, check her out)


Grad School Reject said...

I'm going to try and check out the book. I am finishing _The Road_ by Cormack McCarthy - and while the writing is quality - it may be the most depressing piece of literature I have read since _Light in August_.

The Last Unicorn said...

An Oprah book selection eh? I cannot take extremely depressing novels, I absorb the feelings far too much. Call me impressionable ...

The Last Unicorn said...

By the way, I plan on reading Cloud Atlas next (thanks). Hurakami used to be one of my favorite writers, actually Norwegian Wood is in my top fifty of all time. Maybe I will re-read if I get desperate this summer!

Grad School Reject said...

Yeah - I had the McCarthy the day that it came out. I was a big fan of his Border Trilogy and _Blood Meridian_. But he is really fucking depressing.

I'm glad to hear the Cloud Atlas reference helped. You may feel a need to push through the first section (about 70 pages), and if you do I think you will find it worthwhile.