Thursday, May 24, 2007

It's the time of the season

Today I went on literally the best bike ride of my life.
Tunes: Everything from Explosions in the Sky to The Zombies.

Five minutes into the balmy ride the sky opened up and rain sprinkled down on me.
I thought about turning around. Then the sprinkle turned into a down pour.
It felt gooooood. Great. Refreshing. Intense. I was soaked to the very marrow.
My glasses were flooded so I tucked them between the girls. I was blind as a bone.
The wind whipped my hair around and my smile knocked over trees.
I pedaled as fast as I could. I pedaled right through that thunderstorm.
On top of the great red bridge I stood above the world. A beautiful man passed by:
slowed slowed slowed down. Smiled. "You're wet," he says. I nod grow red like a cherry and pedal away fast fast faster still.

After the rain no one is left on the trail but me and the great gusts.

So I sing. At the top of my lungs. I could keep this up for days, I think. But people might worry so I turn round for the ride home. I promise myself to bring a camera next time because I haven't seen such beauty manifest itself in nature for seasons. Or perhaps it was always there, but I was too fast and hard to notice. When I think the ride can get no better ... I stop quietly.
which if you know the ways of The Last Unicorn quietitude is a great feat.
Two young deer, not five feet from me. A couple. A buck and a doe. No fence or bars seperating us. Holy stinking moly.

When did The Last Unicorn become such a nature lover? Hell if I know, but I won't deny that it amazes me. I won't deny the absolute awe that the wild inspires in me. The perfect ending to this lovely night would be a forty around the fire. But alas I am tired and must work early. Sleep is nice and I once again dream with the best of em.

Tonight I've decided two things:
1) Next summer I want to go to Mexico (it's so underrated).
2) This summer my goal is to learn Hotel Yorba on the guitar.


Casey said...

I get that a lot this time of year.

"What if it rains on you while you ride?"

You get wet. Sometimes you belt out songs since all the sidewalks and trails are empty. Pedaling is truly divine.

What do you ride?

The Last Unicorn said...

Maroon vintge Schwinn. Comfy and reliable. Pedaling IS divine. Thanks for commenting come back anytime!