Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Inch by Inch

Today on a bike I strove for better things.
The rain pelted us and we pedaled at full force.
The color wheel composed entirely of green smattered our faces and penetrated our hearts.
My skin stung and I couldn't deny I was alive.

I started that ride with a wave of frustration, but my mind was laid at ease within the first thirty yards. The smells wove around me, and dragged away my sullen mood. It was cool and calming. I couldn't hold onto the surliness if I tried.

I started my day early. It felt good to not be hung over and tired. No pressing place to go. I woke naturally. I read in bed, a delicacy I had not consumed for nearly two years. Eventually I rolled out of bed, stretched, and went outside. Ahh cool lazy mornings. Dog nipped and chased a baby bunny. Early in the morning the koi are hungry and not afraid to swim near the surface. They are a bunch of overfed fattys! I wondered what it would feel like to grab one. Knowing me, I'd end up falling in.

After that I picked at an apple and settled down to watch The Sun Also Rises. I had read my first Hemingway this time last year (coincidentally The Sun Also Rises). I didn't know what to think then, and I'm not sure what I think now. I should like to make friends with Ernest.
"Fishing Fighting and Fucking. That's all you need for a good story (indirect quotation)."
There is a lot of repressed emotion in his work that allows for a heavy silence. I like his style, but I'm not sure how much I love his characters. In the movie Lady Brett looked nothing like I had imagined. Book to movie or vice/versa is always a weird transistion. I'm interested and somehow compelled nonetheless.

This evening I listened to steady rhythms and virtuoso movements. I am enjoying this time, but I feel the stirrings of my wild side aimlessly ambling, marking days till I am ready to let loose a bit. For the sake of everyone I strive to keep my "sides" stitched tight in corsets and closed doors. At least for a little while...

Best Friend, hurry up and get back into the country.

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