Wednesday, May 30, 2007

They think that we're disposable!

I learned my lesson. I know how to treat the things that people delicately hand you.
K is for kalling it all off
A is for adding it all up (again and again and again)
R is for remembering every single detail that you'd like to forget.
M is for manning the dinghy
A is for allowing yourself not think that somehow your lifeboat is deflated.
whoa whoa whoah!

So this week is flying by crazy fast and tomorrow is Chicago with the boys (oh how I've missed you boys). We are going to see rock & roll music that makes me feel lively (alive). The day after that I get to see sad music that makes me feel happy (go fig) with the other boy. Then off to my old haunts (with new faces and dance steps on the ground) to see many girls and boys who make me feel sane in a crazy world. I don't know when I'll be back, which is always a nice feeling. I am hopeful and excited and eager.

Yesterday I had a day off and sat in my backyard and read and talked to friends. My whole body became painted with a slight tinge of rosy red. It hurts so good. Then I made amends and had a lovely sleepover. I almost failed myself. I almost gave in to what's easiest, but I know what's best for Jess and it ain't "Oh Jess this and this and this..."

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