Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Rainbow Vagina and Chief Dylango Electric

Last night bff and I stayed up coloring pictures and making fun of each other way past our bedtimes. We decided that our pictures were just kitschy enough to warrant framing and placement on our walls. At that moment we realized, oh my word, we have our own walls. They weren't owned by a University or even our parents. We could put up pictures of bearded ladies while blasting banjo at unreasonable hours and no one could stop us!

Bff and I have been talking about living together in the "big city" since we were in seventh grade. I can't believe that we actually pulled it off, and with style no less. Hurrah for best friend co-habitation and late nights!

Today, I received a love letter. It contained exactly what a love letter should; Poetry. Sincere, moving, and articulate. Not the nasty kind of sentimental Hallmark drab, but everything that is good and honest about that idea which we call love. The writer understands that "love" can mean much more than the common nomenclature. The writer understands the passage of time. You must understand then why I can't answer that letter back, after all I've recently embarked on the biggest adventure of my romantic life. This video is for you, and eating blueberry muffins in a cold, wet field. The letter means a lot to me, and I wish people did just what you did more often. I wish people cared without caring. Situations disregarded I'm proud of who you are becoming. I am fond of where we've been.

As for you baldy ... I can't wait until this weekend.


Jaynie said...

This post hurts my chest even more than it already does... you're so lucky to have a friendship like you have with your BFF. Mine went haywire and everything is setting me off. Weepy mess, that I am.

Now I'M a Debbiedowner. Sorry. Just wanted to tell you how lucky you are! :)

Grad School Reject said...

This is perhaps the best post title I have seen in a solid month.

Glad that you are experiencing life in the big city with your best friend. I never thought I would be a city guy but after 3 years in D.C. I am hooked.

The Last Unicorn said...

Jaynie - I'm sorry to hear about your rough spot with your friend. Hopefully it's just that. We've been through rocky times too, if you need someone to talk to let me know!

GSR - YES! I rather like it, thanks. I think it's a ;ittle soon to decide whether or not I'm a city girl, but that's 1/3 of the fun!