Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Age of Intepretation

Yesterday on the very crowded El, on the way home from work, a man with a large backpack nearly knocked me over. This is no big deal it happens often, and frankly I understand. I'm sure I've jostled a few with my bag full of books. What was interesting about the situation is the comment I heard as the man exited the train, and I tried to regain my balance. "Did you see that Kim? That man nearly knocked that little girl over with his bag!"

Little Girl?

And that's not it. This weekend I went with my mother to go pick up my little sister (aged 16) from a friend's house. As we pulled up in the drive (bear with me here) my sister's friend's little sister ran halfway between the frontdoor and the car; She motioned wildly for me to come inside. I rolled down the window and stared at the girl wondering what she could possibly want from me "come on!" she said. Finally, she traversed the rest of the distance from the front-door to my mother's car. When she was standing directly in front of me her smile faded, "Oh I thought you were my friend."

What? You thought I was your 11 year old friend? Mind you the distance from the front door to my mom's car was a mere 10 ft (at most).

Now, I know that I look younger than my age. Usually I get 17 or 18 but am I regressing in age? How can I be getting younger? Is it my hair growing out, because let me know and I will chop it off again. I disliked looking five years younger to begin with, but twelve years younger is just unacceptable! And don't give me that well you'll appreciate it once you're older business! When I'm older I'll be happy to look exactly the age I am. I don't need to be young forever! I will gladly let my hair go gray and embrace age with grace and style. But how can I do that if I never get old?

My mom gave me a hard time this weekend lecturing me about how young people think they're immortal and they never think that they'll get old. I'm a big klutz so I know that my days are numbered, but maybe just maybe I've unknowingly unlocked the door to immortality.

Lord knows it isn't Chicago tap water! I just don't get it. I mean I'm short, but 5'3'' is the national average for American women. I think I dress age appropriate. What does 23 look like, because I need a few pointers!

NEWSFLASH! Tim Draper's biography on president George Bush "Dead Certain" may just be the next book I purchase.
I've read few biographies that don't bore me (Keith Moon is the only one that comes to mind actually), and I certainly didn't expect my interests to be piqued by a political figure I loathe.

But, I often wonder, who is this odd guy I have to call my president? What is his personality aside from politics and vacationing? GQ writer Tim Draper gained uncanny access to Bush and his inner circle for the writing of this book. In a recent interview when asked what the motivation for writing this book was he said, "How did an un-ambitious Midland [Texas] oilman change the world, for better or for worse?...Who was this man who, before he became this pivotal character on an international landscape, was a virtually anonymous figure whom no one viewed as having leadership capabilities? How did he become a leader, and what did he do with it?"

Tim Draper is neither for or against Bush and therefore casts an honest light on the administration and the man in question. Although I hear he's getting a little guff for that. Apparently, if the White House gives you access you're supposed to portray them in shiny white alabaster! I applaud Draper for his honesty, and can't wait to read the book.


jaynie said...

Yesterday, the man at the car wash asked me how school is going for me... I said it was alright, and he said to me, "I asked you about school because I think you're probably in the EIGHTH GRADE." WTF? I'm DRIVING, for chrissakes! He was nice about it though... I've been mistaken for a high school student, but wow... then again, I get harrassed by the sixth graders who go to the middle school near my house. Jeez.

At least we'll be young and vibrant even when we're fifty, yes?

Grad School Reject said...

I've always looked young for my age. I'll be 30 soon and I get 24/25 as the normal guess. I have tried to use it to my advantage and take people by surprise. My thing has always been - "People will look at me and judge me no matter what...that is human nature. When I finish with them they will be judging me on what I did." I needed to think this way as a young teacher because parents were always initially suspicious.

The Last Unicorn said...

Jaynie: Girl, just by our Karma alone we will be young and vibrant at the ripe age of 80! Apparently tiny = young?

GSR: That has been a long running fear of mine, that is, people not taking me seriously. But I dig your mantra, you always have wise advice.

I suppose the ol' saying is true; your actions speak louder than your (young looking age and tiny sounding voice) words.