Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Cry Break Breathe; Breathe Break Smile

We are bath tub pirates. Wizened and better, a clean and surprising bonding experience. I could have swam in those waters all evening. We went beyond the seven seas and coughed up something more than gold coins and cross bones.

Ahhh to be young and ... incontrovertibly content. At least with each other.

I don't have the world. I don't want the world, it's not mine to conquer. But show me a map with x marking some spot that takes a little work to get to, and I will go poking around and bring back dinner.

Last week is over. Thank goodness for that. Summer is over. At just the right time. Now, I'm painting fire on leaves and zipping up my cardigan so I don't freeze. My house feels like a home, and though, sometimes I feel alone, I know I'm not. Not even kind of not at all.

Tonight is a sassy dinner, tomorrow laundry (again again), Thursday is early bird work, and Friday begins another weekend adventure again (Amtrak stocks must be skyrocketing). Bff decided to forgo her suburban job to spend time at her apartment.
Yea, I actually might get to hang out with her now!
I'm excited and after her two weeks notice has expired an overdue housewarming party is to commence. Wahoo. Event planning, the only useful skill I learned in college (kidding). But really folks it's fun to play hostess every once in a while.

To everyone, I promise to try harder not to be such a DebbieDowner this week!

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