Thursday, September 20, 2007

Turn the page, but I'll warn you, it gets harder

Needs adventure.

Is it adventure I long for, or an escape?
A new identity. I'll burn my social security card and become an Elk.
I'll plod through the forest flaring my nostrils and stomping my hooves.

Everything [lately] threatens to break my heart. Someday maybe I'll just let something break.
Why so blue? I used to be in love with the world, now I'm not so sure.

This morning I ventured out when it was still dark.
I felt alone. I left alone. I arrived alone.

I swam through ten shades
of blue and gray. Little pink fingers tried to tinge the horizon.

In the chaotic stillness I tore another sheet off the calendar, and crawled a little deeper inside of myself.

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