Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Maybe I'm Amazed

I'm just the girl with peppers in her pockets, and you're the boy with the black mask and the soft heart.

This weekend was an adventure, and now I feel all scatterbrained. I hate how that happens. I dreamed about mangos and spent time under a secret tree. I ate macaroni&cheese amidst the all encompassing comfort of an underwear model. I lived out loud, and as a reward, put my face down to the ground and watched the grass breath.

"If everybody hid indoors, nothing would ever change." I've narrowed down grad schools, and now I'm checking out health insurance plans; I'm terrified. Living and learning, so damn expensive.

Last night I watched a documentary called "Wetbacks: The Undocumented Documentary" it hurt to know that I am a part of a country that cares so little for their fellow man. I don't care for borders. What is the world's preoccupation with division? What right have I to this land?

What right do I have to be this happy, when their are so many so very sad?


Grad School Reject said...

In regards to your last question: I think you have an obligation to be happy whenever possible because without the contrast we would all be sad. When I am down I like knowing that there are happy people out there and it gives me something to shoot for.

I am also, from time to time, full of hot air. So feel free to ignore me this week :)

The Last Unicorn said...

GSR-That's the kind of obligation I can deal with! Mister GSR you are truly the sweetest blogger I know!