Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hello Out There, I'm Not What You'd Call a City Girl

I've been neglectful. What ever did you read without me updating you on my life?

The weather is changing and I'm changing too

I'm turning inside out. That stuff was always there, but no one ever saw it

Today I watched ten foot waves jump into the sky, and fall back down again

It was my heart beating in stereo surround sound

I saw a dead or dying bird It was beautiful I didn't touch it

But I wanted to

I wanted to administer beak to mouth resuscitation I wanted to warm it up in my hands, and then throw it up in the air and watch it fly away

I don't like this city I love this city
I don't like living in it

Of course we were wrong, we were the young and the restless
I'm not unhappy, just eager to get out
I'm still the young and the restless

Maybe next year I'll move into a cozy ten foot wave and crash about Maybe I'll go to some university in the middle of nowhere and write a novel Maybe I'll just become a bird and build us a nest, where waves and writers are always welcome.

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