Monday, December 31, 2007


I've been composing posts in my head for about a week; Posts about how great the holidays were, about buying local and the general diy culture, about the Bhutto assasination, the weather, the dismal Chicago literary scene etc, but I've been uber busy and doubly tired. Now, it's New Year's Eve and I haven't posted in over a week. Life is wild. My life today is absolutely different in every single way than it was this time last year. 2007 has been a huge year for me ... let's recap:

- finally (completely) got over my VERY unhealthy infatuated love/hate relationship with Tee. And wahoo for that.
- Survived a roommates nervous breakdown (everyone came out better for that, I think)
- Graduated College (huzzah)
- Realized the importance and power of empathy and open communication.
- Aknowledged a lot of good and bad things about who I am as a person. (that's the first step right?)
- Read a lot of stellar books
- Got serious about my writing (I'm still working on that)
- Embarked on my first semi-healthy relationship
- Got my heart punched up a bit
- Made some tough but really good decisions concerning patience and empathy
- Fell in love!!!
- Embarked on my first serious(ly) wonderful, healthy, happy, and supportive relationship. (wahooooooo)
- Moved into my first non-collge apartment (tough stuff)
- Began my first full-time job!
- Gained about ten pounds! (Love poundage!)
- Gave my first reading and got my work published for the first time.

All in all it was a crazy and awesome year. At times I wanted to shoot myself and other times jump for joy. I think that's a pretty damn good balance. Now ladies and gentleman, New Year's Resolutions! Love'em, hate'em, here they are:
(in no particular order)

Stop going to McDonald's
Buy Local and handmade as much as possible (paying a little extra for sustainable quality goods that don't pollute the environment is worth the money in my books!)
Travel somewhere outside of the Midwest
Start sending my writing out to Journals again, continue to attend literary and arts events.
Work on patience in everything I do.

Hmm I think their are more, but that's all I got for now. Be safe this New Year's Eve and have fun. I promise to write more regularly in January.

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Grad School Reject said...

Happy New Year! I support the "stop going to McDonalds" resolution. I'm going to work on limiting my alcohol intake to Fridays and Saturdays (now that Sunday Football is all over). Be well in the 08.