Thursday, January 03, 2008

Color Theory

The book was white with black and red. His pen was black with white and red. The words were blue and new and he left his yellow heart. She felt disconnected with most things except him. Even though sometimes he didn't make sense to her at all, he was the only one who made sense to her at all. The New year was white and fizzy and messy, but still she thought of him. Of the new year and staining things a verdant green. She thought of adventures and grand escapes. When she read the book she thought of him, adventures, and everything the silly world has to offer a little girl.


scott. said...

Let's play with crayons

Grad School Reject said...

I've been trying to think of a good comment all day and I've got nothing other than this: I love it. Nice to get a glimpse of your writing and I am pleasantly intrigued by the book :)

Grad School Reject said...

Random comment/question: Have you seen Juno? If not - I think you will like it. More importantly, I have the soundtrack and for some unknown reason it has made me think of you (which is strange since we have never met). Still, check out the soundtrack too - quirky, low-fi, and smart.

The Last Unicorn said...

I love your face off, AND let's have a coloring rainy day in February!

GSR: you don't have to comment! But thank you, I appreciate the thought. Ha ha, I thought about naming the book when I wrote it, but ahhh, suspense is nice sometimes. Also, the day you wrote that I had just seen Juno! I love love the soundtrack Kimya Dawson and CatPower, can't be beat.