Monday, January 28, 2008

I love your lungs ...

She tiptoed across the water. She threw the pasta out the window. She wept over spilled coffee, and milked her own cows.

She had a nagging feeling that nothing would turn out right. Everything would turn out right. Everything is right.

She laughed and she cried. She gave and she died.

Isn't it a bitch ... I decide to leave one place, and immediately upon that decision that place gets really interesting and laughy and fun. Ha ha, oh well, such as life, eh?

I'm inexplicably irritable today. I mean really, no period, good night's sleep, great weekend, and decent weather. Is this common? I just have this underlying feeling of discontent (bordering on anger) roosting in the pit of my stomach. Chemical imbalance? Did I eat too much garlic bread last night? What's worse is who I direct my discontent towards. YUCK!
I think I was over [socially] stimulated the past couple of days. Maybe I need to be alone for awhile?

Today I ran up ten flights of stairs. At the top I wanted to collapse into a pile of feathers. I unlocked doors and went to work instead. My fingers and mind are working hard towards an ideal. I'm creating something with my hands and my mind.

Yes, this post and the six previous posts have been somewhat inchoate, but that's how I'm feeling these days. Sincere apologies.

I can't wait for banjo class to start. I'd imagine that strumming soothes the restless soul, no?

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