Monday, December 03, 2007


It's already December. How did that happen?
It should be a pretty fun month.
I'm going swimming tomorrow. I can't wait.
I think I might have the best boyfriend in the universe, and I wish I got to see him more.

I have a crush on Vincent Gallo, again.
Someone recommend me a good poetry book ...


Jerad Weiner said...

"I'm used to *luxury* cars. Have you ever heard of a luxury car? You know what luxury means? Ever heard of Cadillac, Cadillac Eldorado? That's what I drive. I drive cars that *shift* themselves. "

The Last Unicorn said...

My gosh, that is the exact movie that reignited my flame for him! Look happy, look like were a loving, happily married couple, but don't touch me. Don't touch me!

Did you know he's playing at Schubas @ 11:00 the night of my party? I just need to see that man in person.