Wednesday, April 25, 2007

One number, two letters ...

Nine Hours

and I couldn't begin to explain what my Monday was like on a Thursday. I can try to understand, but the more I try to do that the less everything else makes sense. But I am compelled to record these abstract notions for archival purposes.

Another first in the life of the last unicorn. It was the most lovely and exhausting night of time. I didn't feel rebellious. For the first time I could feel what I was made out of. That is an inexplicable feeling, I don't even understand. I experienced utter pain, sorrow, and joy in the span of a night (probably more like an hour). I got lost in familiar territory. I saw someone in a very specific way for the very first time, full well knowing it may be the last time I'd see them in that manner ever again.

Is there really a there, there? A night of contradictions left me closer to and further away from people I care dearly about. The darks were darker and the lights lighter. I spent an entire hour on the threshold between tears and laughter. I became the child and and I grew as an adult.

All in all a peculiar and beautiful night that I wouldn't take back for a pillion dollars.

Now I leave you with this, a fan favorite that helps sum up my experience...

... Bizarre and lovely, tu vuo' fa' L'Americano!

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The Last Unicorn said...

Ha. That time I did 2CE.