Sunday, April 15, 2007

It's been a long long while

Busy. That's what I am. Trying to graduate. Oh me oh my. It's a long hard trial. Not really in the academic sense, but in the Last Unicorn on her own trying to balance 8,722 things at once. I never claimed to be a good multi-tasker. I need to take some time out and think long and hard about this "future" thing, but I'm way to busy with the present.

So future is a constant flutter in the back of my mind. Future flutter get the hell out you're crowding my current right said flow. And gee I'm not sure how I feel about all this static from one day to the next. I know what I want to be doing, but timeouts are unachievable at this junction.

Past couple of weeks have been some of the most in some sectors and some of the worst in others.

Where is my audio visual recorder where I can speak softly and say loudly these are the college years this is what I see, this is what I feel, this is who I know with the intimacy of a gardner and his precious bulb. I'm no good without words, and so much I've wanted to record for preservation.

I feel good about what's going on, but tired oh I'm so tired. The pie chart cannot be divided equally they're not enough calming colors to attach to each and every thing that I must devote time time time and other extraneous and lesser things to.

This I know now, le sigh, preserved.

woke again at an unreasonable time. melookingatyoulookingatme.

We smiled. Oh we smiled, decided six am was a good time to make
waves out of blankets. The waters were touchy choppy grabby and uncharted.

I find myself trying to set a course, but always just letting the sails take us there.

For once I had no galley of stashed words. For once I wasn't worried about what came before or
what's coming after no past no prefect no last glacial maximum. Anchors,

and on that day I hit the snooze alarm gingerly over fifty times.

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