Sunday, April 01, 2007

Best Saturday Ever

Sometimes doing absolutely nothing is just perfect. A lazy day was exactly what I needed.
Now I promise I will buckle down and write like a good little girl, and attend mathematics like a good little girl (maybe).

Had a reading the other day for Women's History month and I think it was perhaps my best yet. Though my heart still feels as though it's going to drop out of my uterus everytime I step up to the microphone, I think it's getting a little bit easier, I hope I'm doing a little bit better.

I do believe that despite all the movement in the background I can achieve happiness. For those who are near and dear but a little lost, I'll continue to think positive thoughts and hope you come out on the other side in the best place possible.

it is warm and windy and rainy ... just how I like it. Alas I cannot believe it is April already.

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