Thursday, January 11, 2007

Shopping for a new point of view ...

I just spent an exorbitant amount of money restocking my bare pantry. Sensitive stomachs are expensive to feed. But I'm excited. Let's get the ball rolling. I'm counting down the days till school starts.

In a past life I think I was a dancer. Cold and graceful. I was the master of the arabesque, and the queen of the grand plie. As a result in this life I pay pennance by being clumsy. Now, I must make a concerted effort to stand straight and not be so icy to those who I intend to keep close. No one cares for a frost-bitten embrace.

*Hurry up and come back to me. I want to see if you still make me feel all warm and rebellious.

the colors are changing in front of my very eyes.

New Year's Resolutions (short form):
Read more for pleasure.
Get more sleep.
Use less toilet paper.
Get over the boy once and for all.
Eat more fiber.

Mantra (due to the straight A's I must achieve)
Work Hard Play Hard


Grad School Reject said...

Random comments from a random brain:
Don't forget to restock your bar along with your pantry.
I love your first resolution (also a resolution that I have.)
Resolution 5 may cancel out resolution 3 :)

Good luck this semester with the straight "A"s and keep us posted as the term goes on.

The Last Unicorn said...

Miller High Life

- check

Thanks, I need all the luck I can get! Can't wait till Fridays!