Thursday, January 18, 2007

Tired Legalities

Thinking about naps has become a daily part of my regimen. Makes me feel tired. This weather makes me feel angry. Cold air can shove it. Oh now that's not very articulate, nor is it very nice. Everything is connected and that cold air has a purpose. Who cares. Yeah, I said it, I despise the cold as Hitler hated the jews. Let's eradicate WINTER!

Today at school I talked about the exorbitant price of textbooks on television. Weird. Then I ran into my friend and we talked about doing various illegal drugs, camera still pointed at me. Ooops. Last Unicorn, why the fascination with deviant substances so much today and not yesterday? Always a fascination my dearies. Never an urge. Oddly enough higher academics has awakened my urge for mind-altering experiences. Or perhaps I've traveled the flight-fancy within the realms of my un-altered mind, and have hit a rest-stop of sorts? Who knows, could just be old age.

By and by I come, but if you don't call, I'll leave straightaway. And on these journeys I promise to always carry a notebook and a sharpened Ticonderoga.

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