Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Cognitive Science and Sunny Days

Reading "Second Nature" by Gerald M. Edleman, and I'm absolutely loving the mish moshing of philosophy, religion, and cognitive science. The brain is such an ugly and magnificent organ. I'm begining to feel inspired and beautiful again. The sun is obscenely streaming through my front bay window. Damn I love it, and the song I'm listening to is all acoustic, sunny, and innocent-like. I'm such a baby this is the mildest winter ever, and all I can think about is when I can break my sundresses out again. I put the song on repeat.

I really need a hair-trim.
I kind of hate self-promotion. err. Self promoters.

I'm deciding whether or not I should wipe you off every list I own. Start fresh, like my culture tells me too. But I think that would be giving up a whole lot of wasted time. You, like a magnet are the epi-center of my wasted time. Quiet moments. Lost sleep. Daydreams. No, we're not impressed, but it's cognitive science. All the potential energy comes back to you. Luckily come a week from now, I won't have any potential to spare.

and no I don't feel like a fool. foolish maybe, but that's why I can see your good.

OH an exciting trip. Last Unicorn breaks out of the Midwest brief stint to ... THE WEST! That's right if everything works out as planned (which it never does) I will be heading out to Portland at the end of July for a writer's workshop with FC2 Colletive! Wahooo graduation road-trip with lovely hippy! Maybe I'll even get to climb some rocks!

I'll never understand the birds and the bees.

Actually getting a lot of writing done this week. If it stays sunny I wager to say I can double my productivity. Maybe not, but I really want it to stay sunny. And I'm already planning my design scheme for the fall. It's called "The color wheel and how to use less t.p. in an urban setting." If I die before semester ends you can use it.

Don't kid yourself, I know exactly who you are.

On loathed winter:
In my end is my beginning.
- T.S. Eliot

la la laaa la la la laa, la laaaaaaaaaaa sing along ...

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